No Bro-Science, Only Facts.

Are you tired of the “bro-science”?

We have good news, we are too. Here at Supplementigo we believe in doing things a little bit differently. You see, what we’re focused on accomplishing is helping you get the most value out of the information you take in online.

This means, no marketing, no hype, just straight tangible things that matter when it comes to you and your fitness goals.

Jan Schmeikel has spent her entire career running gyms, coaching and consulting clients privately, and aiding those that are serious about pushing their comfort zone to getting results they can be proud of sharing.

Supplementigo is a brand meant to dovetail in with our personal training website in order to help give you one neat, and cohesive place to visit when it comes to getting the clean cut answers you need to your burning questions in the industry.

As some of you are coming to realize, it doesn’t always matter if you’re supplementing with nitric oxide, BCAA’s, or ZMA…. maybe, just maybe, you’ve been lead astray by slick marketers making incredible claims.

We have one question to leave you with, what results have these marketers gotten for their clients, and where are their citations for these studies…. if you do enough digging you may not like everything you’ll read ~ especially if you’ve spent large amounts of cash on your supplement stack.

Put simply we are here to dispell and bust the myths associated with making the progress you seriously deserve.

How Can We Help You Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goals?