Running and losing weight are a perfect combination for people who want to lose a few pounds quickly. Unfortunately I have come across more and more people, blogs and slimming methods that claim the opposite. That is why I decided to put it to the test 4 months ago. My weight has remained stable over the past six months with my current diet, so to test the real effect of losing weight with running, I did not change my diet. The only thing I changed was that I started running 3 times a week before going to work.

I have now had 4 months and the results are ** cking good !! I also almost started to believe in the myth that you couldn’t lose weight by running, but I came to the conclusion that the origin of that ‘ you don’t fall off running ‘ hype is a little more nuanced. Because if you ask the specialists, the answer is always as follows:

Losing weight with running is possible, but it is not an isolated issue. You can’t get stuffed up every day at the McDonalds and then run for an hour in the hope that you won’t get anything. It is true that if you run for a longer period of time, your body regularly needs less energy to do that. But this only applies if you constantly maintain the same speed, time and distance.

In short … with running alone you do not lose (sufficiently) if you have an unhealthy diet. But combine your healthy diet and running with each other …

My experience…. the test to the sum

So I personally put it to the test. I had been stuck with my diet for months and did not arrive or lose weight. Although that was quite frustrating, this created the perfect situation for testing this theory. I decided to go for it and got up an hour earlier every day to be able to do the running 3 times a week. In the evenings I often have obligations or I cannot run due to fatigue. No apologies for this test!

I started!

I now have a fairly high basic condition of my own, so in this case I didn’t have to follow a build-up program to be able to run 5km (30/45 minutes) in succession. In particular, I could tell by the speed that my condition was not too good (8 km / h), but I was able to sustain the 5 km well.

After the first month my speed had already increased somewhat and I achieved an average of 9 km / h, which was fine in itself. In terms of weight, I didn’t see much on the scales, although I could clearly see from my clothing that something had changed. The second month my speed went up a bit (10 km / h) and I lost the first kilogram on the scales. The way my clothes were fitted could tell that my body was really going through a transformation. I could feel the progression and that motivated enormously!


Now four months later I have lost more than 4 kilograms and my body is in good shape and has undergone a real transformation. I have noticed that I have to do something different with my diet for running, because I was now running on an empty stomach, but my research for this article taught me that I also burned muscle mass as a result. This was also clearly visible after 3 months and my girlfriend started to miss my muscles (more about burning muscles later)

If I look back on the past four months, I can only conclude that running and losing weight go together and that is actually an understatement! Because I have now lost a layer of fat that has not been finished in the last 15 years and I have not succeeded with any diet regimen. If you really, but also really want to lose weight and want to get into the shape of your life … then eat healthy and go running!

Why you can lose weight with running

Actually, it’s very simple … losing weight at the most abstract level is nothing more than getting fewer calories than your body consumes or using more than you eat / drink. A KG of fat is equivalent to 3500 kCal, so if you want to gain a kilogram or lose weight on pure fat, you will need to consume 3500 kCal more or eat if you want to gain fat.

So if you reason with simple logic, your body uses energy to move on and that’s exactly what you do with running. And the more intensive your running workout, the more energy you use. But it goes even further than just this simple logic. Because after every workout your body has to recover from the physical strain and this process also consumes energy, so that you retain an increased burn even after your workout.

Why you should be careful when running if you want to lose weight

As I wrote before, it takes your body less and less energy to realize the same workout (distance, speed, time), so you effectively burn fewer calories per workout. It is especially dangerous in combination with the possible loss of muscle mass. Because less muscle mass means a lower energy consumption in resting position (if you do not exercise). Because of this you have to do more and more to burn enough calories.


That is why it is not advisable to run for more than 45 minutes, to run on an empty stomach (I did my research for this article too ) or to run every day. Make sure you have eaten healthy carbohydrates about 1.5 hours in advance and do a short workout of max. 45 minutes 3 times a week (I do 30 and that’s more than enough). Then it doesn’t hurt and it actually promotes blood flow to your muscles.

Losing weight with running can work incredibly well if you fit it well into your schedule, but make sure that you also do some (light) strength training to maintain and expand your muscle mass.

Losing weight, running and nutrition

If you want to lose weight by running, it is advisable to eat healthier immediately. Try to keep the ‘fast carbohydrates’ and ensure that you get enough protein and fats. Water also plays a crucial role in both running and losing weight. Drink a large glass of water half an hour before running, because already only 2% moisture deficiency significantly reduces your sports performance!

Eat something light half an hour before running, such as a small bowl of full French curd cheese with some muesly or a banana. This prevents your body from extracting proteins from your muscle mass for energy, which will lead to a loss of muscle mass.

Start running

If you want to lose weight with running you can start fairly easily. The great thing about running is that you hardly need any special equipment for it. I do want to advise you to invest in good running shoes, but then you are almost there. In the long run I would also advise you to buy running clothes, but in the beginning you can just wear comfortable clothes.

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