Nothing helped me lose weight quickly … it made me crazy! I used to lose weight so easily, but since I passed 30 it’s not so easy anymore. I tried one diet after another until my doctor told me that I would lose weight the fastest with protein or the protein diet.

But the penny didn’t fall immediately, so it took half a year before I ended up with the book ” Body, a bodybook .” The importance of proteins was also emphasized in this book, so I decided to give it a try. (by the way .. this book changed my opinion about nutrition forever!)

The results were amazing !!! I wasn’t hungry for a second during the protein diet … literally! And even better was that the kilos flew off and my body took on more shape. I delved even deeper into the matter and a whole new world opened up to me. This insight has ensured that I will be slim for the rest of my life.

But why are those proteins so essential for weight loss?

I will explain to you later in the article how it works, but here is a summary of the benefits:

  • You fall off at lightning speed
  • It makes you less hungry
  • It helps to prevent that you lose muscle mass in the event of an energy deficit or in endurance sports
  • It promotes muscle building

Why proteins help you lose weight

Firstly, the proteins ensure that you are less hungry and hungry during the day. ** Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to live from meal to meal and to be busy with food? I can’t really remember what it felt like to live like that, but I do know that I spent the day wandering around in the cupboards. I sometimes looked like a junkie looking for a ‘score’. When I started the protein diet, it was immediately over … from one day to the next. Unbelievable!

** Research 1 and research 2  endorse this, although I have to admit that I care less about investigations because they are often unilaterally highlighted. But still … it says something and I have experienced it myself.

Second, various studies indicate that your brain plays an important role in regulating your weight. ** And there are subsequent studies that show that proteins influence the hormones that are responsible … in the positive sense, of course.

** Research that shows that your brain influences your weight and research that shows that proteins have a positive effect on these hormones.

Thirdly, it is scientifically established that your body needs about 20% – 30% of every protein calorie to break down the proteins . In other words … suppose you eat 100 kcal of protein, that effectively yields only 70 kcal. Proteins therefore increase the number of calories that you consume.


Fourth, research shows that people on a protein-rich diet are less hungry late in the evening . Usually these calories are extra and they come on top of the regular meals that one eats … and most of the time it is not a slice of cucumber that people eat late at night

I found the chart below on , which is based on a study.

Lose weight with proteins less hungry

10KG lose weight with proteins

It happened to me and since then I have had no relapse. But what do you have to do to lose 10 kg of protein? And if weight loss with proteins works so well, why doesn’t everyone do it? A good question! Unfortunately I don’t have the answer, but I can tell you how I lost 10 kg with protein. This is what I did:

Week 1 – 2: Replace two meals with protein shakes

Well… it is not all very natural, but it works like a tierelier and it gives you a ‘jump start’ when losing weight. Personally, I think that being overweight is more harmful than a protein shake, so don’t worry too much about it. These protein shakes  (discount at the bottom of article) are also made from 100% natural nutrients.

Week 3 – 4: Replace a meal with protein shakes

In weeks three and four, I replaced just one meal with a protein shake. I did, however, ensure that my lunch consisted mainly of natural proteins (eggs, meat, nuts, dairy, etc.). I tried to eat as little fast carbohydrates as possible with my supper (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread).

Week 5 – 6: Make sure you get enough protein per day

Of course, it is preferable to get as many proteins as possible from natural sources, but I must admit that it can be difficult. That is why I have a pot of protein shakes in the house so that I can supplement where necessary.

According to the guidelines of the nutrition center, for example, you should receive 0.8 grams per kg of body weight of proteins. Unfortunately, this is again such an ‘average’, because in practice it appears to be so dependent on various factors that it seems to be just a snap.

And certainly if you want to lose weight with proteins, you will have to get more proteins. My experience was that I lost the fastest weight by taking 30% of my calories from protein .

By the way, I kept track  of how many proteins I received in MyFitnessPal .

You need to know this if you want to lose weight with proteins

If you want to lose weight with proteins, it is important that you drink a lot of water . Of course it always is, but if you want the protein diet to work properly, it is essential. Drink between 2 and 2.5 liters of water a day. I always have a bottle of water with me and I keep track of how often I empty it, but you can also use an empty soda bottle. My article about losing weight with water is also recommended for living.

Also try to eat as little ‘fast carbohydrates’ as possible . It is not necessary to lose weight, but I guarantee you an even better result if you do. Fast carbohydrates are bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cake, candy, soft drinks, orange juice, etc. Read here about the low carbohydrate diet . I don’t want to be too dramatic, but it’s the fast carbs that make us sick.


Do you really want to flame? Then do some exercises every morning using fitness elastics and you will immediately see your body change. An additional advantage is that more muscle mass equals more energy consumption in rest position .. so lose weight while sitting and sleeping Work that muscle!

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